The Postage Box

The Postage Box

I have many boxes: small, medium and big sizes of varying colours. Out of all those boxes I keep, this is the one I treasure. An ordinary but tired looking postage box. Decorated by ‘fine” stickers of shipping companies of both Mongolia and the UK.  Initially, I used this postage box to send gifts to my family in Mongolia. I can’t remember the exact date but it must’ve been before 2007.  I didn’t know, however, my parents kept the box for another use.  To my surprise, they re-used it to send some stuff back to me. The exact same box…The box has travelled thousands of miles.

The postage box explained:

From Bayarsanaa Sodnom (my mum) to Tsendpurev Tsegmid (me).

Contains: books, a cashmere top (Gobi is a name of the Mongolian Corporation produces range of clothing made from 100 % cashmere) and souvenirs.

Posted on 5th November 2007 from Mongolia.

Left Mongolia for UK on 6th November (My birthdate) 2007.

Parcel Force is a name of the British company specialises in domestic and international shipping of parcels.

Arrived in the UK on 27th November 2007.

Important words printed or written on the box: MN, Mongolia, Leeds, Postal Parcel, Dispatch Note/Customer Declaration, By Air, Parcel Force Worlwide, 48, LS11, Баярсанаа (my mum’s name in Mongolian Cyrillic).

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