The Border Guard in Scarborough

The Border Guard in Scarborough, a site-specific installation and video piece, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England, Sept 2010

Watch the video piece by clicking here.

Last Sunday afternoon, I’ve left him in Scarborough. He didn’t say anything. I think he knew what was going on. But I am not hundred percent sure. I’ve felt this incredible sadness piercing through my heart as I walk away from him . I’ve kept walking, walking and got on a train with a Dutch man. I wanted to look back but couldn’t. I knew if I’d looked back at him, I couldn’t have kept walking. And then everything I planned for wouldn’t have happened. It has been three years since I’ve met him. For three years, he was on my mind. I had to do something about him. It has been too long. The overwhelming degree of indecisiveness eroded me since I’ve met him. He was always precious to me from the very beginning. Do you know a feeling that you have met someone so unique but don’t know how to act towards that person?

I’ve left him alone in the sands of one of the beaches in Scarborough. It was a sunny but windy day. If the wind had stopped there for an hour, it could have been labelled as the perfect day in my life. But it didn’t stop. Actually, it didn’t stop at all. He kept looking to the sea. It must’ve been fascinating  for him to see a sea for the first time. He liked it very much. However, I didn’t see him stepping into the water. He has kept himself at the edge of the sea.

I don’t know his name. He never told me. And I can’t even tell you where we have met because of the agreement I have with his Senior Officer. I gave my word not to tell anything to anyone. All I can tell you is  that he is a Mongolian Border Guard.

T. Tsegmid


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